Historical Origins of Slot Machines

Slot machines are a popular draw in both land based and online casinos. Many account for their popularity by citing their ease of use as well as allowance of a wide range of wagers.

The first slot machine was invented in 1895 by a car mechanic known as
Charles Fey. A later design was released in 1907 by Herbert Mills. This
machine replaced Fey’s symbols with images of various sorts of fruit.

With the development of technology, the slot machines improved. Despite
changes, the principal operation of the slot machine remained the same.
Players inserted a bet before spinning the wheel. Mills’s fruit machines
spread to Great Britain and Ireland. Here, the machines were referred to
as fruit machines, making reference to the fruit on the reels.

The original design of the slot machine called for a lever to be
included. This level was pressed in order for the reels to spin.
Eventually over time, this level was replaced with a button that players
could press to set forth the slot machine wheels in motion. During this
transition, many slot machines featured the new button but still
included the old lever for those who preferred to use it.

Another change that occurred with slot machines is the ability for
players to bet on lines which led to greater payouts. By betting online,
wagers were made to be a bit simpler for players to make. This was
further assisted when slot machines began using digital displays. This
allowed players to visually see how much money they have as well as how
much is being used for multi-line play. Another advancement was going
from depositing coins each time one plated to simply depositing a
certain amount of money and playing off of it. Playing online slot
machines has become quite popular at online casino UK.